Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The News is paid to ignore true news!

Wake Up America!!!
I can't believe how the lemmings just sit by with everything like this. It's sick. It's gonna come to an ugly end and a lot of people are gonna suffer on a holocaust level or worse. Because they are blind to it these idiots will not see they hammer fall as they are dazed into idiocy like when we shake keys at a baby to calm it. The Mainstream media ignores this stuff because it's owned by those that want us to ignore real issues. They want us keeping up with idiot Kardashian's and sucking down lattes! It's Sick! Wake Up America!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Multiple Terror Attacks, & We Hear Nothing?

Multiple Terrorist Attacks on US Soil and we hear Nothing about it in trending News, nor is it in my Facebook Feed. I found out about it because someone says something about it. WTF??? Why? Because A Kardashian didn't plant the bombs we don't need to hear about it? This administration want us all sucking Lattes down or watching Reality Television. They are Shaking their keys under our noses like you would a baby to keep its focus off of the real world! Wake UP America! The Demons are controlling our world! It's Time to Take It Back!!! Or, you can just continue to bury your head in the sand...