Monday, August 6, 2012

Is Blood Thicker?

What do you think?

"I've become very ill, with a severely debilitating disease. Do you think you could take me to just One of the many surgeries I will have to undertake, and look after me afterward for just an hour until my wife will be home to take care of me?" "I'll take you, and drop you off at home. But I'm not hanging around afterward. I've got things to do ." "Guess I'll just have to get along on my own? Thanks retired early still young Dad!"

"I was just run over by one of those utility vehicles in the Bus yard at work! I have five fractures and multiple sprains and twenty plus sutures including a fractured face and all my limbs are in casts. Can you help me out for a short time? It happened yesterday, and they are making me leave the hospital now! I have transportation to your home." "Sure! We'll drop you off at your home, and just drive away and ignore your desperate need of assistance and calls for help." "Guess I'll be stuck sitting in this chair for weeks all by myself? Thanks Mom 70 and Sis aged 50!"

"He was just diagnosed with stage four cancer and only has a few months left to live!" "You're going to fly out and see him? Really?" "Yes Mom! I am. He is my Father!" "Now you're spending money again to go back for the funeral?" "Yes Mom! He was my Father!"

The really sad thing here is the fact that all of these things really did happen! What is happening to the family bond? We are seeing things like this happening more and more today!
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  1. Are you the one who got run over? That's a tough break and hope you are on the mend. Your dad, he lives in NJ? My condolences about his cancer. Your mom & sis live in NJ too? I'm sorry, but I didn't quite understand your entry.