Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ever feel invisible? Someone cuts you off on the highway. That rude person pushes past you. Somebody cuts in front of you in line after you've waited patiently for your turn. It probably doesn't make you a happy camper when these things happen. You may even feel as though they didn't care about you as a person, or even hurt your feelings. Maybe it caused some sort of argument to ensue? Heck, maybe it resulted in road rage! How do you think our older generations feel about life? Left in "Retirement" communities, assisted living homes or communities. Left to hope for that once weekly phone call or once in a great while visit. Forgotten, or worse. When they do finally get that visit, they are belittled, talked down to, or otherwise treated as a child. Our older generations are people with a lifetime of experiance. The have knowledge and wisdom to pass along to the youth of today! Next time you meet someone with some grey in their hair, talk to them! They have a story too. Don't let them and their story fade away in some home. They are people. They are special. They are not invisible!

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