Friday, January 27, 2012

People that say they have a hard time meeting new friends always say the same thing. "I never meet anyone new because I'm not into the bar scene.", or I don't do this or that, or go here or there. I always say, there are new people to meet and talk to everywhere! I was just shopping in the local Walmart. I struck up a conversation with someone in the sporting goods department. It turned out the the guy I was speaking to had quite a tale to tell me about his father and his service in WWII. Also, we both had a common interest in collectiong historic firearms. Not only did I get the groceries I needed today, I made a new friend! When you go to common places open your mouth and say hello to people. You never know? He or she could be your best friend, or spouse in time! Everyone has a story! Its up to us to talk to each other so that the stories can be told.

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  1. So true! Whether you've lived around the world or never left your home town, everyone has a story.
    Thanks for sharing!