Friday, April 20, 2012

The Stink Eye

What is with the "Stink Eye" that I get from people over fifty? I'm forty and disabled with RSDS-CRPS going on ten years now. Because of my disability my knees and hips are about shot and I walk with a cane. Why is it when I park in a handicap parking spot, older people give me the dirty look I've dubbed "The Stink Eye"? Am I too young to park there, in their minds? I mean really, in this day and age we have so many disabled young veterans coming home from the wars! I'd hate to think of this happening to our heroes that have sacrificed so much for us all. I've had people approach me and give me grief over where I've parked! I have my placard and if you see me move around I'm obviously disabled. So what is that? I'd love to know. I'm at the point now, when someone gives me crap about it, I ask them which end of my cane they'd like rammed up their rear end. Talk about nerve. Do they really think I'm enjoying my long slow painful life? I'm just glad I have a great wife and all my fur babies to help me through it all. What are your thoughts on this subject? Don't be shy! I love feedback............................If you don't already, you can follow me on Twitter @gen22y


  1. I totally agree Gene.. I also am disabled and have a placard. I have no cane so i guess i look like i stole my grandmother's placard :\ i say mind your business ya busy bodies :P

  2. Yes, I had an elderly gentleman actually approach me screaming, "I'm tired of all you young people taking all the handicap parking places!" I have MS so I have times when I need to park close the same as any other challenged person. If I'm having a good day, I'll walk a little further with my cane, but I don't consider myself a youngster by any measure. I'm a grandpa just lucky enough to still have hair. Also, being elderly doesn't mean you are handicapped. They should be giving the stink eye to each other. Many get the placards purely because doctors will hand them out to seniors without much question. If I had a dollar for every time I've witnessed a senior citizen sprinting from their car after parking in a designated spot, I'd be rich. I couldn't sprint across the street if I had to so maybe I should start giving them the stink eye?

  3. People are just plain ignorant. If they don't feel the pain then it simply doesn't exist.My wife has been disabled for three years now and she is only 30. Most of her own friends scoff at her behind her back and it just makes me want to hit them with a cane. Keep your head up and screw them if they cant take a parking spot..