Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can Money Buy Happyness? A very long debated topic of conversation amongst people with the politically correct answer of "No" most of the time. Most people are either afraid to answer this question truthfully for fear of being ostrisized. Money is given a stigma due to materialism and shallowness. In truth, money does buy happiness. It buys you financial security which Leeds to a much less stressful way of living. If you're not worried about paying your bills on time, or even at all in this day and age, you are living a much happier life. So lets all be honest with ourselves when it comes to the question of money buying happiness. Not everyone is living the happy life. So, give to charity when you can. If you can't, give a smile. We all have a story. A smile, or some spare change can make that story better for those that are struggling.

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  1. Good point, Gene, and I agree! I think if was true that people didn't believe money could buy happiness, the lottery would go out of business very quickly....got my tickets...come on happiness!! ;D