Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NoH8! Peace and Love! Peace Love and Crabs! All slogans pointing toward a happier existance for all creatures great and small. We see and hear them all, and others meaning the same thing everywhere we go. So, why is it people enjoy hurting others constantly? Bullies are found everywhere, and at any age. We see it in schools, college, the work place, and even on the web. Its driving people to murder and suicide! You can't even pay someone a compliment on Twitter or Facebook without the haters coming out of the woodwork to hate on both you, and the person you were just paying a compliment. What is it about people that makes them find joy in causing hurt and pain? I guess we wouldn't know unless we were the kind of person that can kick a puppy and laugh about it afterword. What can be done? We campaign. We defend others. We try to make a difference! We cannot be silent about this. We have to fight to create change. Too many people that are bullied are quietly killing themselves because they feel unworthy to live, or just can't take the abuse anymore. We can't hate sommeone because we feel they are different. If that's the case, then hate me! Because I strive to be an individual. I will not go along with the masses. Next time you see hate in your life, try to make a difference. Besides, who wants to be the kind of person that would kick a puppy! If you don't already, follow me on Twitter! @gen22y

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