Sunday, March 11, 2012

Telivision sure has changed since the 1980's. There really were some neat shows back then! I'd love to hear what some of your favorites were. When I think back I remember shows like "The Greatest American Hero" which was a feel good comedy with a suit supplied by aliens to help teach Ralph Hinkley "Wiliam Katt and Agent Bill Maxwell of the FBI Robert Culp fight crime. Of course they lost the instruction manual which made things very interesting and comical! I also loved "Tales of the Gold Monkey" which took place in the South Pacific in the 1930's just prior to WWII. Jake Cutter had a sea plane and a one eyed dog named Jack. It was filled with lots of shady spy character's from Nazi Germany and Japan. Of course we all loved CHIP's 1977-83 starring Eric Estrada whos smile gripped the hearts of the ladies as Frank "Ponch" Poncharello, and Larry Wilcox as as his partner John. I always thought you couldn't crash a car in LA without it flying 50 feet up into the air because of that show. We also can't forget that Bruce Jenner also did a stint on the show as well. But, my first thought when I think back always goes to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century staring Gil Gerard as Buck and Erin Grey as Colonel Wilma Dearing. Along with their robot "Ambuquad" named "Twikee" they repeatedly save the planet Earth and the rest of the universe from spandex clad alien bad guys and bad beauties from distant planets. The sure Saturday night favorites of the time my lovely wife reminded me were Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Such great stuff to reminiscence about! I'd love to hear about your favorites too! ... If you're not already, you can follow me on Twitter @gen22y


  1. Puncharello was awesome! And you forgot to mention Gilligan's Island. I bought DVDs and my kids love it! The music of the '80s was also the BEST! What a great decade.

  2. Loved Ponch! All great shows. I so agree on 80's music too! I do an 80's song of the day on Twitter every day as well. Check it out! 8-)