Friday, March 30, 2012

Dogs & Cats are a life long commitment

The unconditional love we receive from our furry family is something I take very seriously. Too many people don't think it through when they decide to take on the responsibility of adding a dog or cat to the family! It's a life long commitment, not just something cute that you can just grow bored with, or frustrated with when there's a bathroom training accident indoors. I hear too many stories about people getting a puppy & giving up on it. I see the end result living in a rural area. People dump dogs & cats on my road all the time. Its very sad. I once found a five week old black lab pup hiding under my truck because the engine was warm. Think it through long & hard before making the "commitment" and be sure to spay or neuter your new family member! .....................If you don't already, you can follow me on Twitter @gen22y

1 comment:

  1. My wife really wants a dog, but I've had to decline numerous times. We're not ready for that type of commitment. I know it's great to have them and it looks like yours are a great support to your life, but we just can't invest like that just yet. Hopefully we'll have backyard and make some extra money soon, but until then I'll hold off.