Thursday, March 1, 2012

I would like to introduce a guest blogger and long time friend from high school for this post. Her name is Dana Ortutay, also a fellow former southern New Jersey resident now residing in Colorado. I am so happy that she was willing to do a follow up post to my last NOH8 post. This is a very important topic which I will touch on from time to time. Thank you so much Dana! ............ I have seen much bulling in my lifetime from small children to grown adults. I believe it all boils down to being different. When I was in school I was often "picked on" because I was over weight and a Tomboy. I never fit into any clicks or groups at all. I actually learned to enjoy and celebrate everyone's differences. I became friends with all and interacted with them as an individual. What we need to do is educate our young and try to re-educate everyone else on being an individual. We are all different white, black, gay, straight or over weight. Recently I had my daughter watch the episode of The Twilight Zone called "Eye of the Beholder." The reason behind it was that she was questioning her looks and weight. When I was younger I watched it and it changed my whole outlook about our differences. While she was watching it I had to join her to see her response to the ending. She too was blown away as I was when I was younger. If we had more story lines like that in movies and TV shows I think it would better help to educate us on how we are all different and how it could be if we were all to be the same. When you see someone picking on or bulling someone stand up for them. Make a difference it is never too late to open your mind.

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  1. Very well written Dana!
    I got all Twilight Zone on my computer, do you know if "Eye of the beholder" is from the 1959 series or the 1985 series? I might as well watch it.
    Ah, I found it, the 1959 series.

    11 Nov 1960 The Twilight Zone 02x06 The Eye of the Beholder